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Alternatives to Notepad++ for Mac


Notepad++ is one of the best text and source code editors you are going to find. The only problem is that it’s only available for Windows computers. If you use Apple computers, what are you going to do if you want a text and source code editor?

Thankfully, Notepad++ isn’t the only option out there. As it turns out, there are several alternatives that you can use instead. Without missing a beat, you can have the right editor for your needs. So, which ones make the cut?

What is Notepad++?

Before we get into the alternatives, go to this website and get a better idea of what Notepad++ has to offer. It’s not that we want to use only that (we can’t) but more about familiarizing yourself with what it can offer as a text and source code editor.

Notepad++ features code folding, autocompletion for programming, scripting, and markup languages, and syntax highlighting. Even better, it can highlight elements of 78 different syntaxes. It can be displayed in normal text or MS-DOS style text, which attempts to emulate the old DOS-era text editors that we seemingly left behind. It is an all-in-one editor that makes coding and script writing easier.

Sublime Text

If you are looking for a programming text editor that is more than capable of meeting your alternative needs, Sublime Text is a fantastic option. There are some developers that would even prefer it over Notepad++ because it has useful features, minimalistic UI, and an overall solid performance on the whole.

There is even a feature that allows users to jump to words, lines, or symbols in a matter of seconds. It is even possible to multi-select and change a number of lines all at one time. Additional features include quick project switch, auto-complete, split editing, plugin support, and so much more. It is a fantastic alternative to Notepad++.

Visual Studio Code

Another fantastic alternative to Notepad++ is Visual Studio Code. With fantastic extensibility and a huge list of features, this is another popular text editor. The coolest add-on is IntelliSense, which makes smart suggestions that are based on function definitions and variable types. The huge extension gallery also means being able to streamline your workflow in virtually no time.

Perhaps the coolest part of Visual Studio Code is how customizable it is. Try out different keyboard shortcuts, different themes, and a litany of other preferences. Maybe best of all is the fact that Visual Studio Code is free to download and use on Mac, Windows, and Linux, available to virtually anyone at any time.

Nova 3

Another of the feature-rich Notepad++ alternatives is Nova 3. The text editor is highly functional and flexible. With tag pairs, a Minimap, brackets, autocomplete, and so much more, it is one of the most robust alternatives to Notepad++ that you will find. It also has a completely built-in debugging support for all of the popular programming languages like Chrome, Deno, Node.js, Python, PHP, and others.

The extensions library provides additional support, or you can create your own language using the built-in extensions API. Some of the more popular extensions for Nova 3 include Copilot for Nova, Deno, TypeScript, Python, Rust, Ashokai, Beautify, and others. Built-in tools include file tracking, task reports, Git, text clips, a local file browser, and even publishing that can help boost productivity and overall workflow.

There are other alternatives that are worth checking out. At the end of the day, you aren’t limited to just one text and source code editor. Look around, compare features, and you’ll be set with the best fit for your needs.


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