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Elon musk buys xvideos


The richest man in the world, Elon Musk, began to rise towards the of July 2023, reports of him buying the renowned adult-oriented website XVideos. Acquisitions are commonplace in the technology industry, and the tech billionaire is currently the owner of Twitter following the acquisition of the micro-blogging site in 2022.

The news that Musk has purchased XVideos caught the attention of the media after his decision to change twitter’s title to X and raising eyebrows. But the real question is, did Musk purchase the porn website?

Did Elon Musk buy XVideos?

There isn’t any evidence that Musk has purchased XVideos. Musk, a tech billionaire who is also the chief executive officer of Tesla, SpaceX and recently X (formerly Twitter), was first noticed on July 23 2023, the day Twitter announced its decision to change its name by referring to itself by the letters “X.” According to Forbes the decision of Twitter drew some criticism because of its resemblance to adult streaming website ‘XVideos.’

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Elon musk buys xvideos

Musk himself has joked about changing other elements of the branding for the site that include the term “tweets” and Twitter Blue. Forbes stated the fact that, when asked to comment on the new Twitter Blue title, Musk said: “Balls. Simply … Balls. Just…” Musk also joked that “tweets” could be a substitute for “X’s” once the rebranding is completed.

Hence. XVideos started to get popularity following Twitter users’ comments that the micro-blogging platform’s video content will technically now be known as “X videos.” XVideos also acknowledged the trend and expressed gratitude to Musk for the idea.

In the meantime, Twitter’s decision to change its famous bird’s image to “X”–the identical name used by the company that owns the platform X Corp was some users were shocked. The rebranding officially started on July 23, when the site redirecting to Twitter’s home page. On the 24th of July, on Monday the blue bird logo vanished from Twitter’s homepage. It was replaced with an X-stylized white logo set against the black background. The change was also visible on Twitter’s official account as well as certain other accounts such as @verified.

“X” has been a decades-long obsession for Musk and he utilized the brand’s name as a idea to turn Twitter to one that is “everything app”.

While there isn’t any verified information about Musk purchasing XVideos The rumour has resulted in enough speculations on what would happen if it did.

Let’s take a look at the possible consequences.

  • Moral and ethical implications: Musk is known as a forward-thinking businessman. Musk is known as a risk-taker by innovating. There is no confirmation that he bought XVideos in the course of his plan to combine sexual material with Tesla’s entertainment systems because technology is becoming more essential in our everyday lives. The acquisition will help the auto and clean energy business stand out among the competition. But, the merger could trigger ethical and social accountability issues from users and stakeholders.
  • Drama legal Many governments have put strict restrictions on adult websites and other entertainment companies in general. If Musk is involved with the XVideos company, Musk will be implicated in any legal dramas that is sure to be the result.
  • Impact on stakeholders and investors: Musk may be an entrepreneur with enough talent however, his purchase of XVideos could be in violation of the rights of the shareholders and investors in Tesla, SpaceX, Twitter and other companies he owns. They could be worried about the impact of the deal on their stakeholder interests.


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