Monday, June 24, 2024

High AI Content Can Cause Problems for Your Website in 2024


With more advanced algorithms released by Google, marketers feel the need to create high-quality content. However, have you heard about the trend of creating content with AI tools? Powered by AI technology, ChatGPT, and other similar tools develop content very fast. You just need to enter a few prompts, and the tool will provide the desired content within the shortest time. Google said that the appropriate use of AI is not against its guidelines. But, the presence of too much AI-generated content can cause a lot of problems.

Find the list of issues you will face if you publish AI content without paying attention to its quality:

Redundancy and bias problems

In most AI content, sentence construction and format are almost identical. Phrases will also appear similar in different pieces of content. So, it will make your readers feel bored. Your target audiences will not find variations while going through the content. Even a standard reader can easily identify AI content.

Moreover, AI tools work based on the data fed into it. So, if there is biased data, the language model will not be reliable. For instance, the training data might have underrepresented a particular group of people. In this case, the tool cannot deliver the desired content for your business website.

Risk of Google devaluation 

Google’s latest guidelines state that AI-generated content is acceptable to a certain level. The search engine declared that your content should represent your:

  • Experience and expertise in the niche
  • Authoritativeness in the industry
  • Trustworthiness

So, content developers should focus on Google’s reliability and quality standards. But, they cannot achieve it with AI-generated content. However, AI tools can be used by marketers and writers for researching and checking spelling or grammar.

Generative AI tools develop content depending on pre-existing web content. That is why there is a risk of producing duplicate content. If you directly publish the content, your website may get penalised for the content. 

Risk of inaccuracy

The AI app is not designed to understand context and human emotions. Thus, you must not upload AI content without cross-checking or modifying it. Erroneous facts may lead to confusion for readers. You have to check the content and ensure that it provides genuine information.

No originality

Content developers find different ideas for creating a piece of blog or promotional web content. AI cannot provide you with thought-provoking content. Efficient writers go through various steps for developing highly organised content for your website.

No personalisation and creativity issues

A creative writer is efficient at creating highly appealing content. They can also tailor the content that develops a connection with readers. But, AI cannot identify user intent, and its content does not match human behaviour

Artificial Intelligence technology depends on online information only. It may result in plagiarism problems. The best quality content developed by professional writers reflects their creative thoughts.

To avoid AI-generated content for your website, hire reliable content developers. Contact King Kong to find the most efficient content creators and marketers. These experts will also promote your content on various platforms. 



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