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Streamlined Solutions: Jerry Can Holders for Efficient Fuel Handling


It’s the festive season yet again, and if you’re like many people, this is probably the only occasion to embark on that scintillating road trip you’ve been planning all through the year.

Now, the success of any road trip relies heavily on adequate planning. And a massive part of that planning involves packing the essential items you need to have a truly unforgettable experience.

Many seasoned travelers will readily recommend having a fuel jerry can when embarking on a long road trip. That’s especially true if your journey might involve exploring locations off the beaten tracks.

However, a jerry can may not sufficiently serve its purpose without the requisite accessories. This article looks at the significance of having the right jerry can holders on your next road trip, focusing on jerry can holders.

The Benefits of a Jerry Can for Travelers

Road-tripping is one of the most thrilling experiences, especially among new travelers. It allows you to explore uncharted lands as you interact with people from different walks of life. However, your otherwise fascinating trip could come to a surprising halt when you unexpectedly run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere. And that’s where a jerry can comes in.

A premium-quality jerry can lets you stock up enough fuel to last the trip’s duration. It allows you to travel worry-free without needing to keep tabs on the gas stations in your route.

Jerry cans are also cost-effective in the long run due to their reusability. While a high-quality can may set you back several dollars, these containers are durable enough to last several years.

The Top Jerry Can Accessories

As already hinted, jerry cans are only helpful when they come with essential accessories. These include;

1. Lid

A jerry can lid is the container’s most crucial component. It seals the contents in place, thereby preventing accidental spills.

A lid ensures your precious fuel remains intact even if the container tips over during bumpy rides. It reduces the wastage and the fire hazards that could arise from fuel spilling in your van.

2. Spout

Spouts take the hassles from emptying jerry cans. They help prevent accidental leaks and spills while emptying the container.

While shopping for jerry can spouts, one key consideration is picking those whose nozzles are compatible with 5-, 10, and 20-liter jerry cans.

3. Holder


A jerry can holder does exactly what its name implies – holding jerry cans in place. They come in compartments designed to contain anywhere from two to four jerry cans in an upright position.


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Benefits of Jerry Can Holders

1. Proper Weight Distribution

When going on a long road trip, you might want to bring several full jerry cans. Therefore, it’s necessary to distribute the weight of each container for better maneuverability. Well, that’s just one of the several reasons to invest in a jerry can holder.

Jerry can holders come with several compartments depending on the number of containers they’re expected to hold. These compartments are cleverly built to ensure uniform weight distribution.

2. Better Personal Safety

Fuels are highly flammable. So, extreme caution is necessary while traveling with them over long distances.

Jerry can holders enhance your personal safety while traveling with flammable substances like gasoline. They make it possible to mount the containers on the exterior of your van.

3. Improved Fuel Security

Carrying a full jerry can in the cabin is nearly akin to leaving the container unattended. It can easily attract unwanted attention, considering that fuel prices are ever on the increase.

A jerry can holder allows you to secure your fuel and protect it from overzealous thieves. Some holders come with a lockable mechanism that provides an extra deterrent against potential fuel thieves.


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4. Better Organization

Without a jerry can holder, the only other way to travel with fuel is to carry it in the trunk or cabin. This presents serious safety concerns if the fuel were to spill over mid-journey. But that’s only half the trouble.

Carrying jerry cans in your trunk or cabin also reduces the space for other items. Not to mention the possibility of having the fuel spill and soil your other travel essentials.

5. Higher Versatility

Jerry can holders may have been invented primarily to carry fuel containers while traveling. However, they can serve several additional functions.

The extra space in jerry can holders may be ideal for stashing travel items that couldn’t fit in the cabin, trunk, or roof rack. It’s the right place to throw in your canvas, dirt clothes, or toolbox.

How to Mount a Jerry Can Holder

One thing to love about jerry can holders is that they come in different designs depending on the intended loading and mounting techniques. Common loading options include standard loading, top loading, and front loading.

The first step is to understand your jerry can holder’s loading option. Then, pick an excellent mounting spot. Popular areas include the spare wheel and the front grille.

Next, secure the holder using bolts and washers. Lastly, match the plates with their slots, and you’re ready.


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Final Word

A jerry can holder is essential to the success of any road trip. It keeps your fuel containers intact, helps you stay organized, and provides extra storage room for other travel items.

Whether you’re planning a day trip or a month-long vacation, it would help to invest in a robust holder for your fuel jerry cans.




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