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The Importance of Fall Arrest Harnesses in Construction


The modern construction industry has multi-level buildings, skyscrapers, and tall architecture. Apart from modern machinery like cranes, manpower is equally pivotal in completing a construction project. These brave construction workers often have to work at unfathomable heights to complete a project. It poses a significant risk to workers, but fall arrest harnesses are pivotal for their safety. The safety gear isn’t just there to show or fulfil some regulation requirements; it boosts workplace safety in any challenging environment. Let’s explore and learn more about fall arrest harness and their roles in construction projects: 

Understanding The Functionality of Fall Arrest Harness

A fall arrest harness operates by preventing or restricting a worker’s fall when they slip, stumble, or lose their balance for any reason. Usually, it is worn in such a way that it prevents any injurious fall, especially to the lower levels (or the ground). 

A fall arrest harness involves strapping parts, buckles, and attachment points. Often, these are distributed across the body to properly distribute the force in case of an impact from the fall and prevent any snapping or breaking. Similarly, it prevents or aims to cushion any damage caused to the wearer by evenly distributing the force. 

Eliminating The Fear of Heights 

Have you ever wondered if people working at dangerous heights are ever scared of falling? There is always some level of fear lingering, but someone has to do the job. Thankfully, fall arrest harnesses help reduce stress and relieve most worries for brave construction workers.

It grants them a sense of security as long as they take good care of their harnesses. As a result, they can focus better on the project or the task at hand without the fear of falling. They will be assured that the fall arrest harness will protect them even when they fall. However, it still takes experience and training to operate without consistent fear.

The Training Requirement For Fall Arrest Harnesses

It is easy to learn how to use a fall arrest harness. Scheduled workshops and training routines can help the workers get accustomed to using the harnesses within a couple of hours or days at best. It is integral for construction workers to understand how to inspect the harness before wearing it, the fitting rules, and other uses of harnesses.

Despite being a safety tool, there are still limitations and risks associated with fall arrest harnesses. While they significantly reduce the hazards, learning how to handle oneself while using the harness is essential. 

Moreover, learning to properly connect anchor points, use fall arrest blocks, and perform self-rescues are integral to using the harness. Learning to assist others in the event of a fall also takes priority. Regular drills and other training essentials would ensure construction workers retain proper skills and knowledge. 

Proper training is essential for the effective use of fall arrest harnesses. Workers must be educated on how to properly inspect, fit, and use the harnesses and understand the limitations and risks associated with them. Training should also cover procedures for safely connecting to anchor points and performing self-rescue or assisting others in the event of a fall. Regular refresher courses and drills ensure that workers use fall arrest equipment proficiently.

More Than Regulation or Compliance 

There are different regulations or safety standards that a harness might follow. There’s OSHA, ANSI, and ASSP. Understanding which is best suited for the construction project area is pivotal. If you ever wish to find the best quality fall protection gear, RS Group offers plenty of options. Remember, if you choose a trusted brand, you will be fine. 


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