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Which Qualities Should You Look for in a Truck Accident Lawyer?


The severity of injuries and damages in truck accidents often exceeds that of conventional motor vehicle collisions, partly due to the sheer size and weight of commercial trucks. 

Truck accidents are also significantly different from standard car accidents in terms of the laws governing them. 


An accident victim needs to seek guidance from an experienced New York Truck Accident Lawyer who is familiar with trucking company operations and regulations. 

The top three qualities you should seek in a truck accident lawyer include: 


Knowledge Of Federal And New York State Laws And Regulations That Regulate the Trucking industry 


Federal laws and regulations require trucking companies to follow strict regulations to ensure road safety. When truckers and their employers neglect these rules, devastating crashes can happen.


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), under Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations, sets forth the regulations that truck drivers and their employers must follow. These laws focus on making roads safer by controlling:


  • How long drivers can be on the road
  • What condition their trucks must be in
  • Who is allowed to drive 


Truck drivers in New York must log their driving time to ensure they stay within what is permitted by New York State trucking regulations. 


Truck drivers in New York can work up to a 14-hour shift of continuous driving in a 150-mile radius. After a 14-hour shift, the driver must take at least ten hours off to rest. 

Truck drivers in New York must abstain from the use of alcohol and controlled substances during their shifts.


The New York blood alcohol limit for a Class A, B, or C driver is 0.04 BAC.

At Omni Injury And Accident Law, P.C. Our truck accident lawyers use their thorough understanding of federal and state trucking laws and regulations, truck accident claim expertise, and knowledge of personal injury laws to help truck accident victims recover the compensation they deserve. 


Good Communication And Negotiation Skills 


Experienced truck accident attorneys know how to communicate the legal process, potential outcomes, and updates clearly and promptly. Truck accident lawyers who are good communicators can effectively advocate for your rights, handle communications with insurance companies on your behalf, and keep you informed about the progress of your case.


Most truck accident claims tend to settle before trial. Your truck accident lawyer’s ability to negotiate effectively can be the difference between receiving fair and just compensation for your injuries and being left with a low settlement amount that doesn’t cover your expenses. 

At Omni Injury And Accident Law, our lawyers ensure truck accident victims understand their options and make the legal process less overwhelming with empathy, compassion, guidance, and expert advice. 


Access To Resources And Expertise 


Having access to the resources and expertise of an elite New York personal injury law firm can benefit individuals dealing with the traumatic aftermath of a truck accident.

The legal expertise allows the firm’s lawyers to gather essential evidence, interview witnesses, and build a robust case to support your compensation claim. 


Our truck accident lawyers work with accident reconstruction experts, medical professionals, and investigators who can provide crucial evidence and testimony. 

Most commercial trucks have a black box, though accessing the data is challenging due to legal and technical complexities. 


At Omni Injury And Accident Law, our expert lawyers possess the legal know-how to file a motion for a temporary restraining order for preserving black box data, if necessary. As your attorneys, we can request the defendant’s lawyer for a joint vehicle inspection with an expert hired on your behalf present. 


Contact A New York Truck Accident Lawyer 


New York Insurers and trucking companies have an aggressive team of lawyers to defend their interests. At Omni Injury And Accident Law, our lawyers have earned valuable exposure and experience in truck accident negotiations and litigation in New York over the years. 

If you or a loved one have suffered injuries in a truck accident anywhere in New York, our personal injury law firm can negotiate adequate settlements for our accident victims. In the event of a case going to trial, we prepare to prevail in Court. Contact us today to schedule a free, no-risk consultation.


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