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Why you should buy backlinks for SEO success 


The success of your brand online relies on a strong digital marketing strategy. This might include a consistent social media presence, a beautiful website and eDM marketing campaigns. One of the most foundational elements of your digital marketing strategy is backlinking, so in order to build your brand’s online presence buy backlinks. 

Backlinks build your website’s authority online – when a website links back to your brand, it demonstrates that it believes in your product or service. As the algorithm does its sweep to rank pages in search results, one of the main things it looks for is how many backlinks your website has; the more backlinks, the higher your site will rank in search results.

If I don’t buy backlinks, what is the alternative? 

To buy backlinks from an expert SEO agency is to invest in your brand’s success online. It’s also an investment in your time; you can create your own backlinking strategy by researching and staying ahead of the constant algorithm changes, developing content and cultivating relationships online. 

Or you can save time and money by working with an SEO agency and asking them to buy backlinks for you. 

Buy backlinks to avoid algorithm penalties

Google frequently updates its algorithm to provide the best experience to users. Recently, they’ve been focusing their updates on mitigating manipulative or spammy SEO strategies – like poor quality backlinking which adds no value to the user experience, and instead is only designed to manipulate search results. 

You may get almost instant success if you buy low-quality, spammy backlinks but you’ll also very quickly get penalised by Google’s algorithm, which is designed to recognise bad backlinks. Once the algorithm recognises this, your site will be sent to the bottom of search engine results pages, and it will take you a lot of time and money to reinstate your SEO standing. 

When you buy backlinks from a reputable SEO agency, they will have attributes that Google views favourably when trawling through pages to rank. 

High-quality backlinks: 

  • are manually built
  • come from original, human-generated, high-quality content
  • sit on trustworthy websites 
  • pass spam-measuring technology tests

What is the best way to buy backlinks? 

It takes time to cultivate high-quality backlinks, and outsourcing this to a reputable digital agency is an investment in the long-term SEO success of your brand. 

The best way to buy backlinks is to do it as part of a broader digital strategy for SEO success, which includes optimising your website for the best user experience, including well-researched keywords, and developing and publishing well-researched content. 

You can get results and improve your rankings when you work with an expert digital agency to buy backlinks. Perfect Link Building is an award-winning agency with over thirteen years of experience, click here to see how they can help your business grow.

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