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2024 Best Dog Tracker Without Subscription Fees


As the number of lost dogs increases, more and more dog parents are opting to buy dog trackers. There are multiple pet trackers available in the market and dog parents need to spend time getting to know the product that suits their requirements.

To save the time of the dog parents, we checked out a variety of dog trackers. Finally, we selected the best dog trackers without subscription fees for dog parents.


Aorkuler Dog Tracker

Aorkuler dog tracker uses GPS and radio technology. After GPS positioning, the dog’s position information is transmitted to the dog’s parents via radio technology. Aorkuler works with a tracker and controller. It does not require the dog parent to download a mobile phone app.

Dog parents can use the controller to view their dog’s location information once the tracker is on their dog. The controller uses an electronic compass.

When the dog is close to the owner, the controller will show “nearby” on the screen. When the dog is far away from the owner, the controller screen will show the specific direction and distance of the dog.

Unlike most of the pet trackers on the market, Aorkuler does not require the use of a cellular network. So, it can track your dog’s location in real time even in places with weak cellular signals, such as rural or suburban areas. The speed at which it transmits location data is not affected by the strength of the cellular signal.

Similarly, it doesn’t require dog parents to pay monthly subscription fees for cellular carriers. And when they don’t want to use this pet tracker, they don’t have to suffer the hassle of refunding the subscription fee package.

Playing in the water is a great pleasure for many dogs. But dog parents can worry about their dog’s safety in the water. The Aorkuler dog tracker is waterproof. It has a waterproof rating of IP67.

Whether the dog is swimming in a creek or accidentally falls into a mud puddle, it can transmit real-time location data to the dog’s parents. Dog parents can worry less when their dogs are playing near the water.

Besides that, the Aorkuler dog tracker also has sound and night flash functions. There are times when the dog will hide due to playfulness or can’t return to the dog’s parent due to injury. In such cases, these two features can help the dog parent to find the dog.

Dog parents first check the screen of the controller; if it shows “nearby”, it means the dog is near the owner. They can then turn on the sound function. The dog’s tracker will beep. Parents can find their dog by following the direction of the sound.

If visibility is poor, the dog parent can use the night flash feature. The dog wears a tracker that alternatively emits three different colors of light. The dog parent can find the dog based on the light.

If the dog parent wants to train the dog to come home, they can also utilize the sound feature. When the dog is near the owner, the owner can turn on the sound function and then call the dog to come to the side and feed it.

After the dog parent repeats this behavior several times, the dog will actively search for the owner when it hears the sound of the tracker.

Here are the advantages of the Aorkuler dog tracker: 

  1. Real-time tracking
  2. No cellular network required
  3. No subscription fee required
  4. Uses a controller (No phone required)
  5. Waterproof
  6. Sound and night flash function



Aorkuler dog tracker not only helps dog parents to track their dogs in real time but also provides security for dogs. If you are looking for an efficient dog tracker that doesn’t require you to pay a subscription fee, Aorkuler is undoubtedly your best choice.



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