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Manaslu Circuit Trek in April


Arguably one of the nicest hikes in northern Nepal is the Manaslu Circuit Trek. This traditional hike unveils stunning scenery over a walking distance of roughly 108 miles (175 kilometers).

Manaslu’s route network begins from Soti Khola and extends to 5,106 meters at the mountain’s base.

After winding through villages, forests, and valleys, the journey comes to a conclusion. Manaslu trekking is not simple, especially if you try it at the wrong time of year. Due of this, the majority of hikers choose to complete the Manaslu trek in April.

Trekking Manaslu is highly recommended in April because of the warmer, crispier weather. Typically, the afternoon brings cool temperatures as the daytime high gradually drops. While it doesn’t rain in April like it does in June or July, it is still fairly predictable weather in March.

April is the height of spring. Longer days mean more opportunities to socialize with locals at festivals, parties, and seasonal events. The majority of the days are sunny, and the temperature is rising.

However, because of the trek’s increasing altitude and the night-to-day variations in temperature, you can see noticeable variations in temperature. The temperature and humidity drop as you ascend, making it a little difficult for trekkers.

Because of strong winds and little oxygen, the higher parts are colder. So, even though April tends to be a mild month, it is advisable to pack a warm jacket or sweater. You should also get ready for a strenuous and protracted ascent.

Both physical training and mental preparedness for the climb are part of this preparation. To get used to the amount of walking on the trail, you should, if required, go for a trek or to the gym. In April, when Manaslu becomes accessible, hikers rush along the trail to reach the viewpoint.

The month of April is when most people travel, thus the trails are frequently crowded. To reach the highest peak, hikers from all over the world are exerting themselves. In order to stay up with your team’s pace, you will need to increase your stamina; else, they might pass you. Remember to reserve your lodging in advance because hotels tend to fill up quickly in April.

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Highlights of Manaslu Circuit Trek in April

April’s Manaslu Trek offers breathtaking scenery dotted with symbolic spring flowers.
Trekkers can take in the gorgeous golden hour sunset over the horizon, as well as the pleasant temperature, a clear sky, and bright sunshine.
Along with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and craggy cliffs, the journey gives charming views of the countryside, including charming towns and villages.

Weather and Temperature of Manaslu in April

Although Manaslu greets spring in early March, April is the best month to fully experience the season. Hiking is made ideal by the hot, muggy weather, and the laid-back vibe of the surroundings.

Manaslu’s April temperatures are not as warm as those of March, but they’re still not summertime either. Lower sections are typically hot and dry, with daily averages of over 10 degrees Celsius, while the average temperature ranges from 6 to 12 degrees Celsius. Hikers will need to pack warm gear because temperatures decrease significantly at higher elevations.

Manaslu usually experiences sunny days in April, with bright blue skies replacing previously gloomy clouds. This gives trekkers amazing views of the surrounding mountains and undulating hills.

Trekkers get more daylight hours in April because of the late sunset, which allows them to enjoy their stroll and explore interesting locations before the day ends.

April’s brilliantly clear sky provides a breathtaking vista of soaring mountains and steep hills. The trail is wonderfully fragrant with springtime blooms, making it a great place for hikers to be.

Why Trek the Manaslu Circuit in April?

It is understandable why so many ardent hikers have Manaslu on their bucket list. The hike is unique, featuring breathtaking vistas, untamed cliffs, lofty mountains, and charming villages. You can view gorgeous waterfalls, verdant farmland, and charming communities throughout the journey. In addition, trekking Manaslu in April will provide you a unique cultural experience that you won’t get anyplace else. This will enable you to interact with the community and learn about the traditions and rituals of those who practice other religions.

Spring blossoms

April’s Manaslu circuit hike seems too real to be a dream. With stunning scenery, verdant hills, and vivid wildflowers, it’s as breathtaking as it gets. During the journey in April, you can observe a variety of spring wildflowers, including the symbolic rhododendron flowers. The walk is both leisurely and thrilling because of the trek’s breathtaking vista of tropical trees and grassy fields.

Amazing Cultural Experience

April is a month filled with festivities and events in Manaslu. It’s a fantastic time when everyone is fully engrossed in the festive spirit and the locals themselves. Everyone is busy enjoying holidays like Buddha Purnima and Ram Navami, therefore the mood is joyous. On the April hike, you can get a real taste of Nepalese traditions and customs. It’s common for guests to participate in the festivities and experience a small portion of the culture.

Beautiful Weather and Temperature

Actually, things start to improve around April. Every month, it seems like winter is finally over and the temperature is rising. It feels nearly like summer, but not too hot, and you’re not perspiring nonstop. The sky is clear and there is more sun, giving you a captivating glimpse of the glistening mountains.

April is a great month to go trekking because it’s dry and has very little rainfall, which makes it perfect for playing in the forest and observing a variety of species. Trekking during this month gives you the opportunity to witness a large number of migratory birds, whose incessant chirping fills the air.

Longer Days

The hike is made more interesting by the longer days in April compared to March, which feature long, bright days and delightfully warm temperatures. The sun is out until late in the afternoon in April, so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the walk without running late. You have more free time to explore and partake in outdoor activities without worrying about the passing of time.

Great Views

Manaslu trekking is usually enjoyable, but it’s a very different experience in April. The trek is enhanced by its breathtaking scenery and wonderful atmosphere. The scenery along the trail makes it possible to walk it for hours without growing tired.

Better still, you get to spend time in nature, which provides hikers with an incredible spectacle. You can see the neighboring mountains in the distance with perfect clarity thanks to it. You will be delighted by the trek’s breathtaking panorama of rolling hills and waterfalls.

Difficulties You might face during Manaslu Trek in April

Crowded Trail

Because of the mild, pleasant weather in April, it’s a fantastic time to hike Manaslu. Everything is lovely and pleasant during the month since everyone in the area is in the mood for celebration. But April is also one of the busiest months because so many people come to the area from all over the world.

Hikers in the area should anticipate seeing large crowds on the trails. For reticent hikers who like alone, this might be annoying because it makes it difficult for them to walk and negotiate the trail without running into others. Trekkers may find that a packed track makes the journey a misery, with mayhem occurring in hotels as well as on the trail, where one frequently has to split rooms because there isn’t enough room. It may not be convenient for hikers who value their privacy.


Trekking Manaslu in April can be more difficult and demanding due to the increased number of travelers. Things may get messy quickly when the trail is swamped by hikers. Everything you do will take place in a crowded area, including eating and strolling the trails. It’s usually difficult to acquire a hotel during peak hours in April due to the trails and lodges/guesthouses being crowded. It is common for hikers who intend to complete the Manaslu trip in the final hours of the day to run out of lodging. Even if they are successful in finding lodging, it will frequently be more expensive than on a typical day.

Long and Rugged Trails

Nobody would claim that climbing Manaslu is easy, and for the most part, that is true. Trekkers may find it difficult to complete the journey because it is undoubtedly not a stroll in the park. The trail requires a significant amount of time and energy to navigate, requiring several hours of strenuous walking through peaks and valleys. It can be rather exhausting to hike the uneven and protracted Manaslu trail, which winds through valleys and woods before reaching the stand point.

Expensive Deals

April is usually the most expensive month to trek to Manaslu Circuit. Everything has increased in price, including lodging and food. It’s difficult to locate decent offers throughout the month of May because prices are usually high. Due to the large number of trekkers in April, food and lodging costs may increase, and hikers’ negotiating power will likely be limited. Trekkers should budget between $30 and $35 per day on the Manaslu trail.

Heavy Backpacks

It is never simple to hike to Manaslu when carrying a big rucksack. Not only may a hefty backpack make you tired, but walking its rough track will slow you down. It can be challenging to stay up with your fellow hikers’ endurance and speed when traveling. Carrying a large backpack while trekking over Manaslu’s rough terrain can cause injuries and force you to give up the trip. Many hikers employ porters to assist them with their loads in order to avoid such situations, which makes walking the trail simpler. Additionally, they can learn how to travel light by using a backpack.


The majority of the 66.1 km climb to Manaslu passes through mountainous terrain. There is a constant climb throughout the lengthy and difficult route. There are a lot of steep and difficult ups and downs on the trail. It leads you along riverbanks, through forests, and down slopes to the summit.

Tips for Manaslu Trek in April

Plan the itinerary

If you hike Manaslu without planning and preparedness, you will have problems. The walk might surprise you in a lot of ways and is rather difficult. As a result, creating a solid itinerary will be essential to the success of your journey. Determine how many days you plan to spend on the route in advance. It’s also important to gauge the trek’s degree of difficulty and make plans appropriately.

Hire a guide

Traveling alone is not advised for first-time Manaslu hikers, at least not in our experience. Prior to beginning your hike, you must obtain a permission because the trails go to Manaslu pass through a restricted region. You’ll also need to be aware of the route because Manaslu has multiple pathways. Thus, if you want to cut down on travel time, hiking with a guide is a great choice. They will assist you get to know the area and its inhabitants better by guiding you along the journey.
It’s important to pack wisely for a long-distance hike such as Manaslu. It requires careful planning and is not like taking a hike on the weekend. To minimize the weight of your backpack, simply bring what you really need.

Become fitĀ 
Despite not being a challenging climb, Manaslu nevertheless demands physical fitness. To battle the endless paths of Manalsu, you have to be in excellent physical condition. Go forth and train yourself to become more physically fit. Work out to improve your physical stamina and strength.

In Summary:

One of Nepal’s most popular hikes is the 108-mile (175-kilometer) Manaslu Circuit Trek, which begins at Soti Khola and ends at 5,106-meter Larkya Pass. The hike offers breathtaking scenery and a fulfilling experience as it passes through valleys, villages, and forests.

This walk is best done in April because of the bright skies, warm and steady weather, and stunning springtime scenery. The walk is made more enjoyable by the longer and generally bright days. Trekkers can take part in lively cultural events and local festivals.
But, extremes in temperature throughout the day and at night, as well as higher elevations, can be difficult, requiring careful planning and adequate clothes.

Due to April’s popularity, reservations must be made well in advance, and physical fitness is essential due to busy trails and full lodging. Notwithstanding these difficulties, the journey is a fantastic experience in April due to its beautiful scenery, diverse cultural offerings, and pleasant weather.

If you would like to reserve a spot for the Manaslu Circuit Trek in April or any other month, please get in touch with us right now. We provide this excursion all year round thanks to our local guiding knowledge.


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